Advent Prayer #1 (John 1:1-8)

I wanted to share some prayers throughout the Advent season, and my first thought was to find prayers already written and join with the church in our worldwide conversation with God. Unfortunately, I had a really hard time finding anything quite like what I imagined. Instead I have chosen to meditate on John 1 and write prayers that reflect back to God his word, worshiping in conversation with the Holy Spirit.

Please join me over the next four weeks with these prayers or your own, however is most meaningful to you and connects you with your brothers and sisters in God’s people this Advent season. We await Jesus’ return just as ancient Israel awaited Yahweh’s return after the exile. In the shared hope we have of Jesus’ rescue from sin and its curse on our world, we can celebrate the community of fellow worshipers we have in the church and in the victory promised by God in his word.

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus, as you were in the beginning with God and you came into the world so that we might be with you, let us know your presence this Advent season.

You made all of us and the lives we share. May we give them back to you in service and in praise.

For you are life and in dying to all else, we find life in you. The life we find is the vitality of being our true selves and reflecting your light to the word around us.

That light within and around us leaves no room for darkness, so bathe us in the light of your Spirit and lead us into faithfulness,

Crying out with John as we tell of the wonders of who you are and leading others into the life and light you provide.

We anticipate your presence in our world, our community, and in ourselves. Come, Lord Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Advent Prayer #1 (John 1:1-8)

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am downloading it now and hope to keep the spirit of Advent in my daily actions by prayer and lighting my weekly Candle. This year we are having a difficult time financialy. I need to keep in the forefront that it isn’t how much you can give your family and friends that make you a happier Christmas.


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