Advent Prayer #2 (John 1:9-18)

I continued to meditate on John 1 this week, and as part of my worship this Advent season, and wanting to share, I have written this prayer looking forward and back to Christmas.

I hope these words can help you as you center your spirit on Jesus this Advent season. As the church, we await Jesus’ appearing, and in the meantime we join with him in being present to the rest of the world. I hope you will join with me as I try to join with you and the rest of Christ’s body this Christmas in giving the gift of presence to God’s creation.

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus, light and life, we praise you for giving the gift of yourself to the world, coming to us when we could not come to you, bringing light into the darkness.

You entered the world and became part of the creation you had made. Help us to see you all around us and to follow your example of presence.

Thank you, Jesus, for the privilege of being part of your family and the opportunity to become children of God, born into new life based on your gift.

You are worthy to be praised because of your willingness to humble yourself to become one of us. Help us go to the place where you send us so that we can share what you have given us.

Out of your fullness, we are filled. Out of your grace, we are empowered. Out of your love, we are given all good things.

We see the Father through you, and we know God because you have made yourself known to us.

Help us to come and be present to others, just as you came into the world and will yet come again. Come, Lord Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Advent Prayer #2 (John 1:9-18)

  1. Amen! “Help us go to the place where you send us so that we can share what you have given us.” Thank you Brandon for this portion of your prayer. I have not been willing to accept that God has sent me to where I am… my home, my church family and my community. I continue to be humbled before my Savior and God.


    1. Thanks for sharing part of your own journey. It is encouraging for others of us who have the same struggles. Sometimes staying put is harder than going somewhere–anywhere–that might be more exciting or easier. It is even harder to see where we already are as where God has sent us. In “The Wisdom of Stability,” Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove talks about the difficulty and the importance of just that and quotes St. Anthony of Egypt, saying, “In whatever place you live, do not easily leave it.” Maybe that book would be encouraging and helpful for you. I know it has been tremendously important for me and Chrissy and instrumental in guiding us in our current endeavors.


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