Advent Prayer #3 (John 1:35-51)

This week of Advent has been a difficult one for many people. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow darker, our nation grieves and feels the sting of bitter loss too deep for words. This season of joy in Jesus’ coming and togetherness as families and as a people is shadowed by evil and a darkness that is greater than mere winter nights.

In continuing to write prayers to welcome Jesus and call for him to come today and forever, I hope to reflect some of the hope in John 1 and to express some of the need we all feel in our lives and in our world. In our darkness, we cry out for the Light.

No words can overcome life’s toughest hurts, yet we can lean into our Father’s arms when we need comfort. I have tried to do that in this prayer, and I hope that with these words or some others from you own heart, we can find the hope we seek in Jesus.

Let us pray.

Lord, Jesus, you are the light in this season of darkness, you are the Healer in times of pain, you are the Giver in times of need.

You walk beside us when we are at a standstill and don’t know where to go. Help us to see you and recognize you, Lamb of God.

When you ask us what we are looking for, help us to seek where you reside and open our eyes when you invite us to follow. Give us the grace we need to come with you where you go and remain with you.

Give us the wisdom to recognize who you are and the courage to tell the world and always remember it ourselves.

Lord, when you come and call us to follow you, let us trust that you know us, that you see us in the midst of the darkness.

Jesus, God, King over God’s people, we praise you for your truth, your power, and your goodness.

In you, we see Heaven opened wide, and your glory and presence has come to us where we are. We need your love, we need your light, we need your life. Come, Lord Jesus.


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