Everywhere Down

As I’ve continued my prayer and meditation each day, greeting the vision of prayer I meet each day at the end of my customary prayers, I’ve continued to envision new images. Putting them into words borders on impossible, and even if I could, all meaning would be lost to the hearer. It would be trying to communicate raw experience through coded noises, nothing more.

I began to wonder about poetry. I’ve thought before how wisdom literature in the Bible and poetry in general are attempts to communicate between the wordless part of the author with the wordless part of the hearer, mysteriously using words as the medium. I’ve also thought before about how I don’t have a great relationship with poetry. I try to make my prose engage with the artist in me, but I’ve always been intimidated by poetry.

At last I found a task that would accept no other way, so I attempted to write about today’s meditation, and the writing itself was like praying. It is a fusion of the images I saw and heard and felt and smelled and the words of prayer before and during and after. And the meaning, the significance felt in my soul as I experienced it all. Here below is the result, born of my meditation and intercession and feeling my way through translating it to be read by you.



The voice whispered to me,
Reached through and parted the water
The wave of care resonating through my soul
“The Almighty works marvels for me”
And it tipped me over.

The voice stroked my back
With finger tips across stony muscles
“filled the hungry with good”
The future posing as the present met my eyes.
And I loved it

The voice seeped in through spaces
And bubbled up softly to fill
The vessel sinking with a heavy hope:
“Remembering mercy promised forever”
And I was lost in the brine.

Falling, like sleep, everywhere down,
And the voice spoke in a cushion of breath
Like a distant shore swaddling my tears,
Wordless whispering pulse,
Cold and distant through the waves.

Bobbing and swayed, rocking and dipped
Side to side to side to side
But falling gently down, everywhere down
The salt spray whispering and sang
And swell and rise and recede…

The marvels rise and crash and reach
Above the fist and against the sky.
The mercy glides, as water breaks across
The earth with foam and gentle slope,
And full of surprise.

The voice sounded the horn,
Reached out to love and sway
Embraced in pain and crossing the gulf,
Swaddled loneliness in common shroud,
Between today and forever mercy

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