About Me


I’m a man discerning life’s direction, living in Portland, Oregon with my wife, Chrissy and daughters, Evelyn and Raina–I’m learning beautiful things in a beautiful place with beautiful people. We worship with the Springwater Community and spend our free time reading, playing, writing, and enjoying life together with each other and the many great friends we have been so blessed to find. I am grateful to Western Seminary, where I graduated in 2012 with a Master of Divinity, for bringing my family to Portland. Now I’m studying counseling at George Fox University in the marriage, couples, and family counseling program.

Though not in formal or vocational ministry, I encounter Jesus in the people around me, and I hope to reflect God back to them. I have heard God’s call to healing, and for now I do it in social work with Family SkillBuilders. Though not in my job description, I serve God by serving families in need of help. I try to work with integrity and serve Jesus in everything, mundane or otherwise.

As we look toward the next steps of our lives, we are striving to embrace the call we have received from God to serve Jesus and his church by integrating all aspects of our lives, creating a holistic existence with no distinction between daily life and worship, staying home and serving, or practicing our spirituality and building lasting relationships.

We are learning new steps, dancing a new dance, and living in ways we are creating in partnership with God and with each other and with the people around us. The tune is ancient, and the words are deep, and the rhythm solid. For me, turning to new creation is about cultivating and synchronizing with the creator while valuing and cherishing what has come before yet not being bound by the past.

These are my thoughts, and as they both reflect and become how I live my life, I listen to an old song and dance a new dance.