About Me


What can I say about who I am? I’m changing. Life is change. I am many parts and more than all of them put together. I am in relationship. I’m a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, and part of a community of people whose faith centers on Jesus, whose life centers on community, and whose work centers on reconciliation.

I’m also someone who thinks. Sometimes it’s a gift, thinking deeply and meaningfully, making connections and forming ideas that propel me forward in life. Other times, it’s a limitation, a distraction that leads to mazes and tunnels and won’t let me up for air.

I’m someone who feels. As I learn to be more fully integrated as a person, I’m learning to be aware of my emotions and my body and make choices about how to respond, how to hear those messages and draw them into the conversation about life and living.

I’m someone who is growing. I’m growing in wisdom, in knowledge, in relationships, in faith, and in fulfilling my purposes, both unique and universal.

I’ve been trained in many ways, by friends and family, by successes and failures, by institutions for Bible and seminary degrees and counseling degrees, by employers in serving the vulnerable and making a difference, by church communities and books and prayer and meditation and the Spirit.

This website is where I sit and wrestle and try to bring all of those things together in a way that makes some kind of sense and hopefully is meaningful for more than just filling some time. Whether anyone else gets anything from it or not (and I hope they do) putting things into words, writing them in one place, helps me grab onto what is just a swirl of ideas in my head, and it allows me to put it in order, make it something with a direction.

I listen to the voice of the Spirit and the song begun with creation, and I try to work out the steps to the dance I’m called to dance. You’re welcome to be my partner and see where the notes take us.