Rediscovering Intention

I am on a journey. I’m on a quest. An adventure even, and like most real adventures, it’s less fun and more difficult than the ones we imagine as kids or enjoy through the safety of a good book and a cozy chair. While we are all experiencing the adventure to some degree, all of […]

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Confessions. What do we think of when we hear that word? I am probably nerdier than most, though not as much as some, and I immediately think of the famous book by Augustine of Hippo. Also, multiple phrases of a pop culture nature pop into my thoughts along the lines of “confessions of a ___________.” […]

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We Have a Home!

Exciting times for our family and the Portland Jeremiah House! We have officially signed a lease and gotten keys to a house we can live in starting in January! It is a temporary location for us, likely only through June, but we are so excited to be taking the next step in our journey toward […]

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